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What do tree surgeons do and what are the benefits?


What is a tree surgeon?

What do you imagine when you think of a tree surgeon, someone in Hi-Vis with a chainsaw cutting down a tree? It’s not all about cutting down trees.

Tree surgery is actually the specialist care and maintenance of trees; this includes pruning trees to stop them from overgrowing and keeping them heathy, planting new trees, cutting down trees to clear areas or eliminate danger, treatment of trees and more.


What are the benefits of hiring a tree surgeon?


Sure, you could remove a tree yourself but this is extremely dangerous, so keep yourself and your property safe by leaving this to our experienced professionals at Naio Outdoor Projects.

 A tree surgeon can spot dangers and identify warning signs that a tree may fall before this becomes an urgent problem. They will eliminate safety hazards and make sure the tree is taken care of safely using their advanced tools and equipment.

Improve the appearance of your landscape

If trees are overgrown, damaged, dead or dying they will spoil the views and beauty of your landscape or worse become a danger. Our tree surgeons will remove weak or dead branches to improve the tree’s health and in some cases stop it from falling over. Proper maintenance with result in a landscape that you will be proud of.

Waste removal

After you have done any cutting, trimming or pruning, you will create a considerable amount of waste. This can cause a lot of unneeded hassle including lots of trips back and forth to the tip and this can be messy and difficult. Our team can take care of this for you.

Care and preservation:

Tree surgeons know how to take care of trees, they can assess trees, shrubs, hedges etc. A quality tree surgeon like those at Naio will give you expert advice on how to treat or take care of your greenery, ensuring the best possible results.

Part of an inspection will be to look for signs of disease and treat the tree stopping the spread before it harms or kills the tree entirely. For this reason, it is important to regularly get a professional to carry out an inspection of your trees and greenery to keep them in top condition.

Advanced Tools & equipment:

Our tree surgeons have access to state of the art equipment and tools that you don’t have lying around in your shed! Large trees can be complicated to maintain or remove and therefore require specialist equipment and machinery.

 Furthermore, using the wrong tools for the job could cause irreversible damage to a tree. If not used correctly this could create a safety hazard for the individual as well as those around them. Thankfully our team of tree surgeons have he tools and expertise to get the job done properly that a regular person doesn’t


Save costs

Save yourself from future costs! Hiring a tree surgeon can ultimately help reduce costs in the long term as effective maintenance will lessen the chance of accidents or injuries thanks to proper upkeep. Our tree surgeons provide a wide range of services, Naio a complete solution for all issues relating to trees.

You can get one of our tree surgeons to inspect your trees and carry out the appropriate maintenance tasks needed. By doing this you can cut costs and avoid having to pay out for multiple specialists.

Planting new trees

It’s not all about cutting or chopping though. Tree surgeons are also specialists in planting new trees and giving them the best start to life. It can be hard to plan the planting of trees and how this will effect the look of your landscape, however, we can help you organise your planting and ensure you get the best results.

Hire a professional

There are a lot benefits to using our team of skilled and experienced tree surgeons to preserve the life of your trees and greenery or to get rid of any dangers. We strongly recommend hiring a qualified professional to complete the job properly and to keep you and your property safe.

You won’t be disappointed when you use our reputable tree surgeons to keep your landscape in an excellent condition that you can be proud of and will make others green with envy!

Contact us today at Naio Outdoor Projects via to see how we can transform your green space.