The perfect lawn guide. Preparation in Spring is key.

Spring is the best time to prepare your lawn when the threat of frost has passed. Below are our recommendations for lawn preparation and care. 

A green, healthy lawn can transform any garden or open space. As the temperature continues to rise, it becomes more of an important and useable feature. Our guide ensures you have a lawn to be proud of, rather than a weedy eyesore.

To get the perfect lawn, preparation is key. We’re here to help you and give your lawn the best possible start for the summer. 

Spring Horticultural Tips for your lawn maintenance.

Apply lawn top-dressing

A top-dressing consists of a mix of materials such as sand, soil, peat, and loam. Top dressing improves the look of your lawn and also benefits the health of the grass too. It allows you to maintain a true and level lawn surface by filling in any imperfections or hollow areas to create a smooth surface.

Start mowing the lawn as warmer weather stimulates turf growth and increases the frequency of mowing as required.

Scarify if your lawn is more than 12 months old.

Scarification is the process to remove any organic matter such as thatch and moss formed around the base of your lawn. It helps tidy up any straggly lateral growth.

Remove by hand or spot treat coarse grasses and weeds.

Patch damaged lawn areas and edges with turf or lawn seed. Over-seed if your lawn is more than 12 months old with lawn seed.

Over-seeding your lawn will help infill damaged, bare patches or thin, worn areas and give your lawn a thicker, denser sward. It will Improve the colour of the lawn and reduce weed and moss invasion. Treat established lawns with weeds and moss with a lawn feed weed & moss killer. Increase mowing.


Aeration is the process of creating small, long holes in the lawn. This creates good air circulation and improves the grassroots’ water and nutrient efficiency. This reduces moss growth, and encourages root development which in turn improves the lawn’s ability to handle drought and disease.

Other typical questions to consider for your Spring lawn maintenance.

Is the grass becoming too long?
With the onset of quick new growth as the weather warms, grass must be managed to not become too long, lawns are made up of a blend of grasses the shortest of which (that give the lush healthy look) die out if the lawn is left too long and will not return even if the lawn is then hacked back to a short length quickly. Mowing needs to be done even if the lawn is then hacked back to a short length quickly. 

Mowing needs to be performed with a good roller mower and not allowed to reach a length over 1.5 inches.

The grass should on the first few cuts be collected and disposed of.  The premium turf we supply is rich in nutrients and the heavy laying grass cuttings can suppress the grass dying beneath.

Is the ground drying too quickly?
Usually, the showers of April make growing good for plants and turf but occasionally it may be necessary to supplement water in periods without rainfall.

Are you damaging the grass from watering?
As you water the new lawn the soil beneath becomes soft, it’s good to remember to use a flat board to get to the sprinkler!

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